Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord

Brain Basics Higher Functions Spinal Cord Peripheral Nervous System
The Neuron Sensory Systems Methods and Techniques Drug Effects
Neurological and Mental Disorders

Common questions about the brain and neuroscience

Another Day, Another Neuron

Questions/Answers from the "Neuroscientist Network"

First use of "neuro" words in recorded history

Women In Neuroscience

A Computer in Your Head?

A Career in Neuroscience: A Game of "Survivor?"

Jobs in Neuroscience

Milestones in Neuroscience Research

Nobel Prize Winners - Neuroscience

Neuroscience on Stamps

Brain Basics
Divisions of the Nervous System

Divisions of the Brain

Our Divided Brain: Lobes of the Brain

Functional Divisions of the Cerebral Cortex

The Brain "Right Down the Middle"

Brain Size/Cerebral Cortex

1 brain or 2? Split Brain Experiments

She Brains - He Brains

Brain Development

The Nervous System in Old Age

The Cranial Nerves

The Blood-Brain-Barrier

Your Brain's Home: The Skull

The Ventricles and CSF

The Meninges

Blood Supply of the Brain

How the Nervous System Interacts with Other Body Systems

Directions and Planes of Section

Compare the brains of 9 different species

More brains: comparative neuroanatomy

The Invertebrate Nervous System

The Brain during Sleep

How Much do Animals Sleep?

Brain Fitness - Your Guide to Good Brain Health

Disorders of the Brain

"Higher" Functions
Chocolate and the Nervous System

Do We Use Only 10% of our Brain?

Laughter and the Brain

Oh Say Can You Say...The Brain and Language

Nutrition and the Brain

"Smart" Drugs?

The Musical Brain

The Brain vs. The Computer

What Became of Albert Einstein's Brain?

Eugene O'Neill: What Went Wrong?

Yawning: Why We Yawn and Why They are "Contagious"

Moonstruck: Does the Full Moon Influence Behavior?


Brain "Plasticity": Learning and Memory

Face Recognition

The Spinal Cord
Our Divided Spinal Cord: Segments of the Spinal Cord

The Knee Jerk Reflex (monosynaptic reflex)

The Peripheral Nervous System
The Autonomic Nervous System

The Neuron
Millions and Billions of Cells: Types of Neurons

Making Connections: The Synapse

Gallery of Neurons

The Sounds of Neuroscience

The Synapse - Up Close and Personal

Lights, Camera, Action Potential

Glia: The Forgotten Brain Cell

Dangerous Chemicals: Neurotoxins - Source and Effect

Neurotransmitters and Neuroactive Peptides

Chemical Weapons: Nerve Agents

Conduction Velocity

Salty What? Saltatory Conduction

Sensory Systems
The Skin and its Sensory Receptors

Pain and Why it Hurts

The Tooth

I Spy...The Eye

The Retina

The Visual Pathway

Do you wear glasses? Find out why!

Eye Safety Tips

Hear Ye, Hear Ye - The Ear

How the Nose Knows - The Nose

That's Tasty!

Does the COLOR of Foods and Drinks Affect Their Taste?

Amazing Animals Senses

Neuroscience Methods and Techniques
Statistics: By the Numbers

The 10-20 System of Electrode Placement (for the EEG)

Common Methods Used in Neuroscience Research

Brain Imaging Methods

Glossary of Neuroscience Words

Careers in Neuroscience

The Effects of Drugs on the Nervous System
Alcohol Amphetamines

Barbiturates Caffeine
Cocaine Ecstasy
Heroin Inhalants
LSD Marijuana
Nicotine Rohypnol
1,4-Butanediol PCP
GHB Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Neurological and Mental Disorders
Alzheimer's Disease

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Asperger's Syndrome

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Bacterial Meningitis

Bipolar Disorder

Common Eye Diseases and Disorders

Dyslexia - I

Dyslexia - II


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Gulf War Syndrome

Huntington's Disease

Lead and the Nervous System

Lyme Disease

Mercury and the Nervous System

Multiple Sclerosis




Soccer and the Brain (Heading for Injury?)

Spina Bifida


Tourette Syndrome

Transient Ischemic Attack

West Nile Virus

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